3 Cosmetic Uses For PRP Therapy

Posted on: 16 October 2017

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, or PRP therapy, is a type of therapy commonly used for pain relief of musculoskeletal conditions. PRP injections are derived from the patients own blood which has been centrifuged in order to produce a higher concentration of platelets. Platelets contain proteins called growth factors that aid in the healing process. While PRP injections are most often used for pain relief and to speed up healing time, there are also a few cosmetic uses for PRP therapy. Here are three ways that this therapy can have a positive impact on a person's appearance.

Hair Loss

Losing hair can have a major impact on a person's self-esteem. Both men and women deal with hair loss and search for ways to prevent it. PRP therapy can be used to stimulate hair growth and is a great non-surgical option for hair restoration. The growth factors are though to stimulate hair growth. The more injections, the better the results for most patients. The average cost of PRP therapy for hair loss ranges from $350 to $3,100. This therapy is quick and can also be used in conjunction with other hair restoration procedures.

​Skin Rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation is another cosmetic use for PRP therapy. Sometimes PRP therapy for the face is referred to as a "vampire facial". With this procedure, the platelet rich plasma is injected into the face through micro-needling. This reduces wrinkling, plumps the skin, and overall creates a more youthful look. It's a quick procedure with virtually no down time and is a great alternative to other cosmetic procedures. The average cost of PRP therapy for skin rejuvenation is around $1,100.

Reduction Of Acne Scarring

Another cosmetic use for PRP therapy is to reduce acne and other types of scarring on the face and body. The procedure for acne scarring is essentially the same as it is for skin rejuvenation. The therapy stimulates skin cells, produces more collagen, and improves the appearance of acne scarring. This procedure has been to known to be especially effective for adult acne. Most people see results with 2 to 3 treatments and the effects can last for up to 18 months. PRP therapy can also work on other types of scarring and is not limited to just the face. 

PRP therapy is best know as treatment for pain. However, it also has cosmetic uses. This therapy can help increase hair growth, rejuvenate the skin, and reduce acne scarring. The platelets are able to stimulate hair growth as well as reduce scarring and wrinkles.