Are You Ready for More Botox?

Posted on: 30 May 2019

If you get cosmetic injections put in your face, it is wise to know when you should have them done and how often this procedure needs to be undertaken. If you get too much of the same procedure done too soon, your appearance can come across as fake and lacking expression. You can also put yourself at risk of having a serious reaction or just not liking the way your results look.

You can do your part to make sure your cosmetic injections come out perfect. To do this best, you need to know when you are ready to get more of this work done. Are you ready for more Botox? Use this guide to assist you.

1. It’s Been Several Months since Your Last Doctor Visit

Your cosmetic surgeon will want to have you in their office every so often to have your injections done again. This can be spread out over a few or several months, depending on how lax your skin tissue is, how many wrinkles you have, how often you have your injections done, and even where you have these injections done. You want to go visit your doctor for a new consult to get more Botox injections if it's been a long time since you last went in to have the work done or you have only had minor touch ups done and you feel like your body could use a little assistance.

2. You See New Trouble Spots That Need Attention

Have you only been getting injections around your eyes and now you feel like you need to get the same injections on your forehead, between your eyebrows, or other areas of your face as well? If you see brand new trouble spots or spots that are beginning to look like they can be an issue but they haven't been giving you major problems yet, you need to talk to your cosmetic surgeon to see if you need to get work done.

Your cosmetic surgeon will only recommend getting treatments done that are going to benefit you. If you feel like you are getting too much Botox at once, talk to your specialist. The same can be done if you think you haven't had enough injections in a single visit. The more you communicate with your doctor, the better off you'll be for getting the results you desire and the skin care you deserve.