• Should You Have Breast Augmentation Done While Still Bearing Children?

    Breast augmentation surgery services can help you feel more confident in your body and give you back the fuller, more youthful breasts you've lost over time. If your breasts are just naturally smaller and less full than you'd like, breast augmentation can be beneficial in this regard as well. While breast augmentation is a great solution for many and provides beautiful results when done professionally, it's still a cosmetic procedure that requires special consideration.
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  • How To Get Around The Ten-Pound Liposuction Limit

    If you consult with a cosmetic surgeon, usually he or she will tell you that ten pounds is the maximum amount of weight they can remove from one area of the body. However, there are ways to get around this limit, if you ask about them, and if your surgeon is willing to follow suit. These loopholes in the fat removal surgery that everyone wants can help you remove more fat from areas where you do not want to carry that extra jiggle.
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