Removing Fine Lines, Eliminating Spider Veins, And Healing Stretch Marks By Laser

Posted on: 16 April 2018

Lasers were once the stuff of science fiction. People thought them "too magical and impossible" to become real. A boost in technology, and now lasers do dozens of amazing things, including cosmetic procedures that give you flawless skin. Here is how laser treatments remove fine lines, eliminate spider veins, and heal stretch marks.

Skip the Glycolic Peel

Having your skin peeled with a mild acid sounds painful, does it not? Skip the skin peel for fine lines and small wrinkles and opt for laser treatment services instead. The laser quickly, carefully, and with little to no pain removes the same layers of dead skin that the peel removes, but with one added benefit. The laser invigorates the healthy skin cells below, causing them to plump up the surface of the skin and make your skin look much younger almost instantly.

Blast the Veins, Rather Than Inject Them

The problem some people have with vein ablation via solution injection is that the veins collapse, but are not destroyed. Ergo, you can make the veins look less apparent, but you can still see them, just a wee bit. A laser treatment, however, not only causes the veins to collapse, but it also causes these little veins enough damage that they break up into tiny bits and eventually disintegrate. The body then flushes these vein bits out of the body, never to be seen again. The laser treatment is also much less painful than a saline injection.

Skip the Creams and Heat the Skin

Many women try to make stretch marks less apparent with tons of expensive stretch mark creams. Sure, the creams work a little bit, but not as well as a laser treatment. You see, stretch marks are actually scar tissue. Using a warm laser on scar tissue helps underlying healthy tissue move toward the surface of the skin, healing the damaged tissue as it goes. Speeding healing of damaged and scarred tissues is one of the most well-known uses for lasers, and it is quite effective. 

The lasers speed healing for red or purplish stretch marks. For white stretch marks (i.e., old stretch marks), lasers are used to create new, albeit tiny, injuries to the tissues. Then when a healing laser is used, it corrects and "erases" the white stretch marks, leaving smoother, less noticeable marks on the skin. If you have new stretch marks over the top of old stretch marks, the healing laser may work best for you.