How A Plastic Surgeon Can Help People

Posted on: 15 February 2019

Plastic surgeons can help with a lot of different problems plaguing individuals. From the person who has something they don't like when they look in the mirror or see a picture of themselves, to the person who has been disfigured in an accident, plastic surgeons are there to help them with those issues. You can learn about some of the many ways in which plastic surgeons can help people, so you can see if you should go forth with having a consultation with a plastic surgeon for your own issues you face each day. Here are some of the many things plastic surgeons can help with.

Facial flaws

If there is something about your face that you wish was different, then you may be bothered by that flaw so much so that you feel you need to have it changed in a way that helps you feel better about yourself. You may have a nose that is larger than you would like or that is shaped in a way that bothers you. A plastic surgeon can do a rhinoplasty procedure on your nose (also known as a nose job). You may wish that your chin protruded from your face more. A plastic surgeon can give you a chin implant. They can also give you cheekbone implants if you feel your cheeks are too far in.

Normal aging

While aging is a normal part of living, it doesn't mean that you have to take the changes lying down. If you are upset about the wrinkles and sagging skin that comes with aging, a plastic surgeon can give you a face lift that will help you to have a much more youthful face. There are different types of face lifts, so a person who is just showing minor aging affects can have a less invasive procedure done. A person who shows a lot of signs of aging can have a more invasive procedure done that can help them look much younger.

Cleft lip/cleft palate

A cleft lip and  palate are splits in the lip and roof of the mouth. A person can have one of these issues or both. If your child has one or both of these issues, then a plastic surgeon will be able to correct the issue. Along with correcting these issues to help your child from a visual standpoint, correcting these issues will also make it easier for them to eat, speak, and drink.


If you have a scar that you are self-conscious of, then you may find yourself doing all you can to hide the scar. If it is on your face, you may try to disguise it under thick makeup. If a scar is on your arm or leg, then you may wear long sleeve shirts or pants year-round to hide the scar. A plastic surgeon may be able to take the scar away, or at least make it much less noticeable.