Basic Info You Should Know Before Getting Botox

Posted on: 12 July 2019

Botox injections are widely associated with cosmetic procedures used to improve the youthful of people's faces. There's a lot more to Botox than just getting rid of a few lines. Let's take a look at the basic things you should know about Botox treatment options.

It Isn't Just for Lines 

Botox is actually utilized to treat a variety of conditions. These include nerve and muscle problems, and some folks seek treatments to relieve the symptoms of migraines. The exact same process that allows Botox to relax the muscles around a person's face can be used in a variety of both practical and cosmetic applications.

Just How Effective Is Botox?

It's worth noting that Botox treatment is temporary. For the majority of patients, the benefits will wear off after three to four months. There is some clinical and anecdotal evidence that phytase and zinc supplements may help extend the effectiveness period a bit.

Are There Side Effects?

Especially when employed in the areas around the eyes, Botox injections may give rise to puffiness. In some instances, people also experience dryness, and there have been reports of fatigue due to muscles being relaxed near the eyes. Rare cases of blurred vision have also been reported. Some people may also see bruising around the site of their injections.

Botox does not interact in any known ways with other popular cosmetic procedures. For example, there are no reported instances of Botox, and dermal fillers have adverse interactions, although you should still discuss any combination of possible procedures with your doctor.

How Does the Injection Actually Work?

A trained professional uses a needle to directly inject the serum into the areas that need to be treated. This process should take less than a half-hour, although it may go longer if treating a number of different regions. Some folks report having symptoms of the previously mentioned side effects for between days and weeks, but many don't see negative effects after a few hours.

The Cost of Botox

Treatments are typically charged in units, and a standard price for Botox is about $20 per unit. A typical treatment covering only one section of the face should cost around $400, although you may end up paying more if the job calls for additional units. In some cases, patients have needed as many as 60 units. Be willing to ask your doctor to negotiate a price, especially if you intend to get recurring treatments.