How To Get Around The Ten-Pound Liposuction Limit

Posted on: 23 January 2020

If you consult with a cosmetic surgeon, usually he or she will tell you that ten pounds is the maximum amount of weight they can remove from one area of the body. However, there are ways to get around this limit, if you ask about them, and if your surgeon is willing to follow suit. These loopholes in the fat removal surgery that everyone wants can help you remove more fat from areas where you do not want to carry that extra jiggle. 

A Panniculectomy Followed by Liposuction

Morbidly obese people and previously pregnant women end up with these dense fatty rolls of tissue that hang down over their groin regions. Even after they have lost some weight, the panniculus remains, creating a fold of flesh that has to be constantly washed, dried, and monitored for yeast and other infections. Even if you were to drop to the lowest weight you have ever been, the panniculus is not going anywhere.

Ergo, you can have a panniculectomy, which is a surgery that removes this awkward and unsightly roll of flesh that stretches from hip to hip. Once the panniculus is removed, you can also have lipo on all of the abdomen area above where the panniculus was, thereby smoothing out your abdominal region and still getting more than ten pounds of fat removed from your belly. Your bellybutton has to be repositioned upward during this surgery, and then the skin from the top edge of the flesh near your groin is met and sewn up with the bottom edge of the rest of the skin remaining on your abdomen above. (For really incredible results, ladies, get a tummy tuck procedure too, which tightens the muscles that were stretched out of whack by pregnancy.)

Fat as Fillers

If you do not want fat in one spot, but you want something else fuller, you can relocate your fat! Your surgeon can remove fat from your abdomen and put it in your buttocks, or use fat from an underarm lift to fill out the wrinkles in your face. You can remove more fat this way if some of it is technically going back into other areas of your body to create fullness or eliminate wrinkles. 

Point out the Study That Says That Morbidly Obese People Can Have More Fat Removed During Liposuction

A prominent medical website has pointed out in recent years that there have been studies that show that more fat can be safely removed from obese people. This is an important study, and one which your surgeon should be made aware of, if he/she is not already aware. The study said that because of the excess fat already present in the bodies of obese people, it will not harm these patients to remove up to twice as much as the usual liposuction amount.