What To Know About Getting A Breast Lift

Posted on: 3 November 2021

The act of loving your body can include making cosmetic changes, thanks to the safe and expert care of medical professionals. Cosmetic surgeries are becoming increasingly effective, which is why 18 million patients received a procedure in a recent year. Breast lifts are one of the more common cosmetic procedures and are available to you with a visit to a cosmetic surgeon that you trust. Follow the tips below so that you can take the steps needed to get an amazing professional breast lift surgery.

What exactly is a breast lift and how can it benefit you?

A breast lift procedure fights gravity, unequal weight distribution, and body changes so that you can get breasts that hang and present themselves just the way that you like them. Surgeons accomplish this by tightening and reworking the tissue in your breast area, in addition to eliminating excessive skin. The lift keeps your breasts looking young and can shape them to have more bounce, life, and vigor. Women commonly opt for mastopexy when they've lost a lot of weight, after giving birth, or due to general aging. 

Have you spoken to a surgeon that does breast lift surgeries?

Every breast lift procedure is personalized to the needs and body type of the patient. The doctor might need to remove or transfer areas of fat, reposition your nipples, or augment your breasts to give them the correct shape and balance. Discuss the procedure with a professional and go over a few diagrams before booking a surgery date. Speak to surgeons who are licensed and board certified, and check with the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS) or American Association of Plastic Surgeons (AAPS) before getting started.

Expect this surgical procedure to cost you $5,012, on average. Explore your financial options and plan out a surgery date that allows you plenty of time off from work to heal. 

What should you know about prepping for the surgery and aftercare?

Your doctor will tell you to limit your food intake the day before the surgery and will give you instructions on showering, what to wear, and how much sleep you should get the night before. Shop for groceries and clean your home beforehand so that you have the perfect environment to heal up. Expect some pain and swelling in your breasts for 2 weeks or so as you recover. The doctor will suggest you use cold compression and will offer advice on what clothes and bras you should wear. 

Consider these tips so that you can get the breast lift surgery that you'll appreciate. Contact a breast lift clinic near you to learn more.