Facelift Preparation Tips

Posted on: 15 December 2021

The time leading up to facelift surgery can often be stressful. As with any surgical procedure, the entire event is often filled with the unknown. How can you prepare for your facelift procedure? What can you do beforehand to ensure the procedure goes smoothly? Is preparation even important for a facelift? Getting ready for a facelift is extremely crucial, and it's important to start preparing as soon as you can. Here are some simple ways you can start preparing for your facelift surgery today:

From the first consultation appointment to the minutes before the surgery, it is crucial to ensure that you are taking the correct steps along the way. Some of the most common preparatory steps are to avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements as they can increase bleeding and bruising. Choosing to stop smoking is also another crucial step in preparing for a facelift.

It is also important to prepare financially for a facelift, as these kinds of procedures are not inexpensive. Many surgical offices can offer payment plans in order to make facelift surgery more accessible. Ensuring that you are financially prepared for this procedure can help eliminate high amounts of stress as the date of the surgery approaches, which is why it is crucial to begin saving as early as you can. Another important step in preparing for a facelift is to make a plan with a family member or friend outlining what will take place after the procedure. Immediately after the procedure is completed, you will not be allowed to drive, which is why you should ask someone you trust to help you get safely home after the surgery is over. 

Preparing your meals ahead of the surgery is a tip that many people do not think about. After the facelift procedure, recovery is expected to be around one to two weeks. Recovery can last longer for some individuals, depending on the intensity of the surgery. No matter how long your recovery period is, it is crucial to have a plan concerning your meals beforehand. Preparing the meals and then freezing them before the facelift procedure is an option, or you can opt to sign up for a meal delivery service. 

The previous tips were focused on preparing for a facelift surgery that is weeks, or maybe even months in the future. A facelift is a procedure that is going to change your face for the better, and it even has the potential to change your life if you are adequately prepared.

Contact a local cosmetic surgeon for more tips on preparing for facelift surgery.