Unexpected Cosmetic Uses for Botox

Posted on: 24 February 2022

Botox is pretty widely known for its ability to camouflage wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing the muscles beneath the skin. It has also been used, non-cosmetically, to manage health conditions like migraines and depression. But in addition to these uses, there are actually a few lesser-known ways Botox can be used to deal with various cosmetic concerns. Take a look.

Excessive Underarm Sweating

Everyone sweats. Some people sweat more than usual, to the degree that they begin to be embarrassed by the way the sweat accumulates on their clothing. There's even a name for the condition: hyperhidrosis. Patients often try extra-strong antiperspirants, dressing for warmer temperatures, and other protocols, but they may find them to be minimally effective. That's when Botox shots come in handy.

When injected into the underarms, Botox can paralyze some of the tiny muscles involved with opening and closing your sweat glands. Patients find that they sweat less almost immediately after getting the shots, and the effects last for several months. When you notice you're beginning to sweat excessively again, you can visit the doctor for another round of Botox shots. While this is primarily a cosmetic concern since the excess sweat is embarrassing, having Botox can also make you less prone to skin irritation and fungal infections sometimes associated with excessive sweating.

Lazy Eye

While a lazy eye can have an impact on vision, for many patients with this ailment, it is primarily a cosmetic concern. You may feel self-conscious because you have trouble focusing or because you often feel that one of your eyes is not looking in the appropriate direction. There is surgery to correct a lazy eye, but surgery is invasive and risky for some patients. Botox injections present a less invasive, safer alternative.

Botox shots for lazy eyes are given in the muscles that surround the eye and control eyeball movement. The injections cause the affected muscle to relax, which allows the eye to realign itself. The effects can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. When they start to wear off, you can get another round of injections. Usually, as you continue to get Botox shots, your lazy eye becomes "less lazy" on its own, over time.

Botox is not just for fighting wrinkles. It has some other cosmetic uses that are worth talking to your doctor about, particularly if you struggle with a lazy eye.

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