Signs You're A Good Candidate For Rhinoplasty

Posted on: 30 March 2022

Rhinoplasty is popularly known as a 'nose job.' Doctors may carry out this surgery for functional reasons, usually to improve breathing. Moreover, you can undergo rhinoplasty for cosmetic reasons. Perhaps, you may desire a more pointed or raised nose. Whichever your reasons for getting a rhinoplasty, knowing whether you qualify for the surgery is vital. Here are signs that you're a good candidate for rhinoplasty surgery.

You're Healthy

Your doctor must perform a full-body health examination to determine if you can get a rhinoplasty. If you have conditions such as diabetes, you may not qualify for the surgery as you're at a high risk of complications. The risks may include high blood pressure that doctors may not control during surgery. Thus, patients with excellent health are the best candidates as they're less prone to complications.

Your Facial Development Is Complete

Rhinoplasty is ideal if your facial development is complete. If you're a teen or child whose nose is still developing, the surgery may affect your normal nose's function and appearance. This may cause complications calling for corrective surgery. Therefore, be patient and undergo surgery as an adult to avoid complications. However, if you have facial deformities such as cleft palate, you can undergo rhinoplasty surgery at an early age to correct the appearance of your facial features.

You Don't Smoke

Smoking entails inhaling nicotine, and this process restricts your blood vessels. In return, the constricted blood vessels can't supply oxygen and blood nutrients to the wounded areas of your body. Therefore, if you smoke and undergo rhinoplasty surgery, the healing process may be slow. The lack of oxygen in the operated area may also cause scarring or necrosis. Additionally, smoking congests the airway with chemicals like nicotine, which may impede breathing. Thus, since your nose is delicate post-surgery, you may not breathe well when you smoke. So, you can expect better rhinoplasty results if you avoid smoking.

You Have Realistic Rhinoplasty Goals

A good rhinoplasty candidate should understand the possible and impossible surgical results. That's why you need experienced surgeons to perform the surgery. Such surgeons will assess your nose's condition and tell you the results to expect post-surgery. Additionally, the surgeons will explain the potential risks involved, some of which affect your nose's appearance. Besides, your surgeon will advise you to allow complete healing before seeing the results. Understanding these concepts can help you be open-minded about the surgery and create reasonable goals.

Signs that you're a good candidate for rhinoplasty include good body health, complete facial development, no smoking, and realistic goal setting.

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