A Breast Reduction Can Benefit You In The Following Ways

Posted on: 26 July 2022

If you want to consider getting a breast reduction, there are many benefits you can get from having this procedure done. A breast reduction is a medical procedure that can be done by a cosmetic breast surgeon or a reconstructive breast surgeon.

Here are just some of the ways a breast reduction can benefit you. Once you have your breast reduction done, spend time healing so you can have the best results and reduce both swelling and scarring during the healing process. A breast reduction costs around $5,900 but this may not include recovery and other costs.

By giving you a better silhouette

Larger breasts can lead to heavier sagging and more upper body bulk. If this is not something you want and you desire a more delicate and small silhouette, then a breast reduction can work well for you. Your breast reconstruction surgeon can help you determine what size you should reduce your breasts to based on their current size and shape and the rest of your body's dimensions.

By reducing back and shoulder pain

One of the biggest reasons a person gets a breast reduction is because of pain and discomfort. If you have problems with your back and shoulders because of heavy breasts and different support bras or other measures haven't helped, talk to your doctor about getting a breast reduction. The reduction in heft and weight of your breasts can greatly improve your posture and help reduce your back and shoulder pain.

By giving you confidence

Do you feel like your large breasts or differently-sized breasts impede your confidence? Just like some people explore breast enhancement to improve their body confidence, you can explore your breast reduction options to do the same thing. Your doctor can give you an idea of what your breasts will look like following a reduction and can also do a lift or other services in addition to a breast reduction if you'd like.

A breast reduction should be treated like a major surgery, even if you consider it to be cosmetic in nature. You'll get the best results if you take the time to heal properly, have realistic expectations for your breast reduction, and also take great care of your body and mind following your procedure.

Choose a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in breast reduction and reconstruction for the best results. If your breast reduction is considered medically necessary, you may even be able to get insurance to help you with some of the costs.