Why Professional Microneedling Is Better Than Home Treatments And What To Expect With A Treatment

Posted on: 26 January 2023

Microneedling is a beauty treatment you can get at a med spa. It involves using a handheld device with tiny needles. The needles puncture your skin to cause damage, and the process of damage repair makes your skin healthier and tighter.

You can also buy home microneedling equipment, but you'll get better results from a professional, and going to a spa or dermatologist is a safer way to take this treatment. Here's why you may want to avoid a home device and how a professional gives a microneedling treatment. 

Reasons To Avoid Home Microneedling

You may want to avoid the bother of home treatments simply because they aren't as effective. Home devices use tiny needles compared to professional devices that penetrate the skin more deeply. Plus, it's difficult to keep home equipment sterile, and there's a risk of infection.

Proper technique is important too since you want to puncture your skin only and not scratch it or create grooves in your skin. Plus, a professional can apply complementary treatments at the same time that make microneedling even more effective.

Procedure For Professional Microneedling

You'll probably start by having your skin cleaned. You may be asked to refrain from wearing cosmetics or putting anything else on your skin before your appointment. After cleaning, a numbing cream is applied and allowed to work for several minutes.

The device used by a professional is in the shape of a pen with needles in the tip, rather than a wheel-like home device. The pen shape reduces the risk of scratching and gouging as can happen with a wheel. Your provider can control the depth of the punctures depending on how well you tolerate the treatment and the results you're looking for.

Treatment is usually fast, but you also have to add time for the anesthetic to work before microneedling can begin. You shouldn't feel much discomfort, but there could be a little bleeding during the treatment. Your skin should heal fast, and you can go back to work after your treatment, but you probably won't be allowed to wear makeup for a few days.

Results Take Time

Microneedling triggers a skin repair process that increases collagen production. You could notice an improvement in your skin after several days, but it could take several weeks. Your provider may ask you to wait several weeks for a follow-up appointment so your skin has plenty of time to heal and rest. You might be happy with a single treatment, but you might want multiple treatments over the span of several months for a more dramatic effect.